zondag 26 oktober 2014

Move With The Groove-The Wond-Derful.Mar-V-Lus Story

Disc 1
1. BOBBY DAVIS • Damper Down 2. LONNIE BROOKS (GUITAR JR.) • The Popeye 3. LONNIE BROOKS (GUITAR JR.) • Mr. Hot Shot 4. McKINLEY MITCHELL • The Town I Live In 5. BETTY EVERETT • I've Got A Claim On You 6. BENNY TURNER • Come Back Home 7. HAROLD BURRAGE • Master Key 8. BIG DADDY ROGERS • Be My Lawyer 9. BIG DADDY ROGERS • I'm A Big Man 10.THE FIVE DU-TONES • Shake A Tail Feather 11.DOROTHY PRINCE • If I Could Live My Life 12.BILLY 'THE KID' EMERSON • The Whip Pt. 1 13.THE FIVE DU-TONES • That's How I Love You 14.JOHNNY SAYLES • Don't Turn Your Back On Me 15.JOHNNY SAYLES • You Told A Lie 16.McKINLEY MITCHELL • Tell It Like It Is 17.LUCKY LAWS • Who Is She 18.THE ACCENTS • New Girl 19.JOHNNY SAYLES • You Did Me Wrong 20.ALVIN CASH & THE CRAWLERS • Twine Time 21.JOE & MACK • Don't You Worry 22.THE SHARPEES • Do The 45 23.HAROLD BURRAGE • Got To Find A Way 24.BEVERLY SHAFFER • Where Will You Be Boy 25.THE DU-ETTES • Every Beat Of My Heart
Disc 2
1. THE SHARPEES • Tired Of Being Lonely 2. BIG DADDY SIMPSON • Give Me Back My Ring 3. CICERO BLAKE • Sad Feeling 4. JOSEPH MOORE • I Still Can't Get You 5. ALVIN CASH & THE REGISTERS • The Philly Freeze 6. JOSEPHINE TAYLOR • What Is Love 7. ANDREW TIBBS • I Made A Mistake 8. HAROLD BURRAGE • More Power To You 9. STACY JOHNSON • I Stand Alone 10.JOSEPHINE TAYLOR • Ordinary Guy 11.LIZ LANDS • One Man's Poison 12.THE ADMIRATIONS • Wait Til I Get To Know You 13.MISS MADELINE • Behave Yourself 14.THE ULTIMATIONS • Without You 15.THE ULTIMATIONS • Would I Do It Over 16.OTIS CLAY • That's How It Is (When You're In Love) 17.WYLIE DIXON • Gotta Hold On 18.OTIS CLAY • A Lasting Love 19.WILLIE PARKER • You Got Your Finger In My Eye 20.ALVIN CASH • Keep On Dancin' 21.BULL & THE MATADORS • The Funky Judge 22.THOMAS EAST & THE FABULOUS PLAYBOYS • I Get A Groove 23.SIMTEC & WYLIE • Socking Soul Power 24.BULL & THE MATADORS • Move With The Groove 25.TODDLIN TOWN SOUNDS • It's Your Thing

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