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Goin Mad Blues - 10CD

10-CD Boxed Set packed with 200 original rockin' Blues classics from T-Bone Walker, Big Joe Turner, Lightnin' Hopkins, Sonny Boy Williamson, Memphis Slim, Arthur Crudup, Big Bill Broonzy and many others.

Track Listing:
T-Bone Walker: I Got a Break Baby Jimmy Yancey: Rolling the Stone John Lee Hooker: Helpless Blues Big Joe Williams: Meet Me Around the Corner Blind Boy Fuller & Sonny Terry: Mistreater You're Going To Be Sorry Robert Johnson: Love in Vain Blind John Davis: My Own Boogie Blind Willie McTell: It's Your Time to Worry Lightnin' Hopkins: Let Me Play With Your Poodle Memphis Slim: Diggin' My Potatoes No. 2 Big Bill Broonzy: Friendless Blues Bessie Smith: Nobody in Town Can Bake a Sweet Jelly Roll Like Mine Big Joe Turner: Doggin' the Blues Sleepy John Estes: Everybody Oughta Make a Change Ma Rainey: Shave 'em Dry Blues Bukka White: Special Steamline Big Boy Crudup: Rock Me Mamma Brownie McGhee: Not Guilty Blues Hot Lips Page: Rockin' At Ryans Leadbelly: My Baby Quit Me Big John Turner: I Got My Discharge Papers Brownie McGhee: Coal Miner Blues Memphis Slim: Beer Drinking Woman Leadbelly: Easy Rider Ma Rainey: Rough and Tumble Blues Kokomo Arnold: Set Down Gal Hot Lips Page: My Fightin' Gal Big Boy Crudup: My Mamma Don't Allow Me Sleepy John Estes: Easin' Back to Tennessee Bessie Smith: Yodeling Blues T-Bone Walker: T-Bone Blues Big Bill Broonzy: Too Too Train Blues Lightnin' Hopkins: Fast Mail Rambler Blind Willie McTell: Warm it Up to Me Jimmy Yancey: Steady Rock Blues Robert Johnson: Honeymoon Blues Blind Boy Fuller & Sonny Terry: Stop Jivin' Me Mama Blind John Davis: After Hours Big Joe Williams: Stepfather Blues John Lee Hooker: Goin' Mad Blues Blind John Davis: St. Louis Blues Blind Boy Fuller & Sonny Terry: Pistol Snapper Blues Lightnin' Hopkins: Woman Woman Big Bill Broonzy: Big Billie Blues Jimmy Yancey: P.L.K. Special Bessie Smith: Bleeding Hearted Blues Robert Johnson: Little Queen of Spades Big Boy Crudup: Cool Disposition Bukka White: Black Train Blues Big Joe Turner: Watch That Jive Kokomo Arnold: Big Ship Blues Big Joe Williams: Stack o' Dollars John Lee Sonny Boy Williamson: My Black Name Blues Ma Rainey: Goodbye Daddy Blues Skip James: Devil Got My Woman T-Bone Walker: Mean Old World Sleepy John Estes: Clean Up At Home Brownie McGhee: Step it Up and Go No.2 Leadbelly: Four Day Worry Blues Blind Willy McTell: You Was Born to Die Hot Lips Page: Pagin' Mr. Page Robert Johnson: Preaching Blues Leadbelly: I'm Sorry Mama Blind Boy Fuller: Money Spending Woman John Lee Sonny Boy Williamson: Good Gravy Ma Rainey: Louisiana Hoo Doo Blues Lonnie Johnson: Life Saver Blues Blind Willie McTell: Don't You See How This World Made a Change Blind Boy Fuller & Sonny Terry: Blues and Worried Man Kokomo Arnold: Crying Blues Blind John Davis: Memphis Blues Big Boy Crudup: Keep Your Arms Around Me Sleepy John Estes: Special Agent Bessie Smith: Mama's Got the Blues Big Bill Broonzy: Horny Frog Lightnin' Hopkins: You're Not Goin' to Worry My Life Anymore Big Joe Williams: I Won't Be in Hard Luck No More Big Joe Turner: Goin' to Chicago Blues Jimmy Yancey: South Side Stuff Memphis Slim: Empty Room Blues. Big Joe Williams: Highway 49 Big Joe Turner: Howlin' Winds T-Bone Walker: Come Back to Me Baby Blind Willie McTell: It's a Good Little Thing Lightnin' Hopkins: Can't Get That Woman Off My Mind Big Bill Broonzy: W.P.A. Rag Bessie Smith: Tain't Nobody's Bizness If I Do Big Boy Crudup: That's Your Red Wagon Bukka White: Parchman Farm Blues Ma Rainey: Booze and Blues Kokomo Arnold: Grandpa Got Drunk Sleepy John Estes: Drop Down Memphis Slim: Caught the Old Coon At Last John Lee Sonny Boy Williamson: Good Gal Blues Blind Boy Fuller & Sonny Terry: Harmonica Blues Leroy Carr: When the Sun Goes Down Brownie McGhee: Death of Blind Boy Fuller Leadbelly: Irene Goodnight Robert Johnson: Walking Blues Hot Lips Page: Thirsty Mama Blues Jimmy Yancey: Yancey's Getaway Leadbelly: Rock Island Line Blind Boy Fuller: Got to Find My Little Woman Memphis Slim: Me, Myself and I Sleepy John Estes: Jailhouse Blues Henry Thomas: Red River Blues Memphis Minnie: I'm Not a Bad Girl Willie Newbern: Roll and Tumble Blues Hambone Big Boy Crudup: I'm in the Mood Robert Johnson: 32-20 Blues John Lee Sonny Boy Williamson: Love My Baby Kokomo Arnold: Black Mattie Big Joe Turner: Johnson and Turner Blues Bessie Smith: Gulf Coast Blues Big Bill Broonzy: It's Your Time Now Lightnin' Hopkins: Thinkin' and Worryin' T-Bone Walker: Evening Blind Willie McTell: Savannah Mama Blind Boy Fuller & Sonny Terry: Lonesome Train Big Joe Williams: I'm Getting Wild About Her Robert Johnson: Cross Road Blues Big Joe Williams: Please Don't Go Blind Willie McTell: Lord Have Mercy if You Please Blind Boy Fuller & Sonny Terry: Precious Lord Lightnin' Hopkins: Picture on the Wall Big Bill Broonzy: Southern Flood Blues Big Joe Turner: I Got a Gall Bessie Smith: Beale Street Mama T-Bone Walker: Don't Leave Me Baby Kokomo Arnold: Neck Bone Blues Bukka White: Aberdeen Mississippi Blues Memphis Minnie: Looking the World Over John Lee Sonny Boy Williamson: Black Panther Blues Hot Lips Page: Uncle Sam's Blues Sleepy John Estes: Time is Drawing Near Big Boy Crudup: Boy Friend Blues Blind Boy Fuller: I'm a Black Woman's Man Blind John Davis: Rockin' Chair Boogie Leadbelly: On Monday Jimmy Yancey: How Long Blues Big Joe Turner: Little Bitty Gal's Blues Big Bill Broonzy: Mountain Blues; Bessie Smith: Frosty Morning Blues Leadbelly: See See Rider Big Boy Crudup: No More Lovers Blind John Davis: C.C. Rider Kokomo Arnold: Buddies Brown Blues Blind Boy Fuller: Dealing With the Devil John Lee Sonny Boy Williamson: I Have Got to Go Jimmy Yancey: Yancey Stomp Scrapper Blackwell: Kokomo Blues Sleepy John Estes: Tell Me How About It The Mississippi Sheiks: Sitting on Top of the World Robert Johnson: Come On in My Kitchen Mississippi John Hurt: Stack o' Lee Memphis Slim: Memphis Blues Big Joe Williams: Crawling King Snake Lightnin' Hopkins: Someday Baby Blind Willie McTell: My Baby's Gone Blind Boy Fuller & Sonny Terry: You Got to Have Your Dollar Lightnin' Hopkins: Nightmare Blues T-Bone Walker: She's Going to Ruin Me Jimmy Yancey: State Street Special Big Joe Turner: Rocks in My Bed Big Joe Williams: His Spirit Lives On Robert Johnson: Last Fair Deal Gone Blues Memphis Slim: You Didn't Mean Me No Good Johnnie Temple: Lead Pencil Blues Sleepy John Estes: Mailman Blues Blind Boy Fuller: Double Trouble John Lee Sonny Boy Williamson: Early in the Morning Mississippi John Hurt: Big Leg Blues Blind Boy Fuller & Sonny Terry: Bus Riders Blues Kokomo Arnold: Head Cuttin' Blues Big Boy Crudup: She's Gone Hot Lips Page: You'd Be Frantic Leadbelly: Alberta Bessie Smith: Mean Old Bedbug Blues Big Bill Broonzy: Oh Baby Blind Willie McTell: Broke Down Engine Memphis Slim: Blues at Midnight Hot Lips Page: Just Another Woman Blind Boy Fuller & Sony Terry: Blowin' the Blues Big Bill Broonzy: Long Tall Mama Bessie Smith: Sweet Mistreater Leadbelly: Eagle Rock Rag Kokomo Arnold: Broke Man Blues Sleepy John Estes: Mary Come on Home John Lee Sonny Boy Williamson: Decoration Blues Blind Willie McTell: Love-Makin' Mama Charlie Patton: Revenue Man Blues Mississippi John Hurt: Frankie Blind Boy Fuller: Woman, I'm Done Casey Bill Weldon: Go Ahead, Buddy Big Boy Crudup: Dirt Road Blues Lightnin' Hopkins: You're Gonna Miss Me Robert Johnson: Kindhearted Woman Blues Jimmy Yancey: Five O'Clock Blues Big Joe Williams: Little Leg Woman Big Joe Turner: Somebody's Got to Go.

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