dinsdag 28 oktober 2014

Fats Domino - Essential Hits And Early Recordings

Disc 1:Blueberry Hill Be My Guest I Want To Walk You Home I'm Gonna Be A Wheel Someday I'm Ready Whole Lotta Loving I'm Walkin' Wait And See Valley Of Tears I'm In The Mood For Love My Blue Heaven I'm In Love Again Blue Monday Ain't That A Shame All By Myself Helping Hand Don't You Know Honey Chile When My Dreamboat Comes Home So Long

  Disc 2:The Fat Man Little Bee Hey! La Bas Boogie Hey! Fat Man Rockin' Chair No No Baby Goin' Home The Fat Man's Hop Trust In Me Mardi Gras In New Orleans Second Line Jump Please Don't Leave Me Domino Stomp Little School Girl If You Need Me You Done Me Wrong Where Did You Stay? You Can Pack Your Suitcase I Know Don't You Hear Me Calling You?

FATS 1.rar
FATS 2.rar

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