dinsdag 21 oktober 2014

Clyde Mc Phatter - Rhythm and Soul

LP1 - Let's Start Over Again
1. [I'm Afraid] The Masquerade Is Over 2. I Told Myself A Lie 3. Bless You 4. Where Did I Make My Mistake 5. Twice As Nice 6. Let's Start All Over Again 7. Bless You [For Being An Angel] 8. How Deep Is The Ocean 9. Stay As Sweet As You Are 10. Someone To Love 11. I Need You So 12. Trust In Me 13. The Glory Of Love 14. Don't Take Your Love From Me 15. There Will Never Be Another You 16. I'll Never Be Free 17. Don't Cry Baby 18. Everybody Needs Somebody

 LP2 - May I Sing For You?
1. Let's Try Again 2. This Is Not Goodbye 3. When The Right Times Comes Along 4. One Right After Another 5. I Know That Feeling 6. Think Me A Kiss 7. Take A Step 8. Whisper Softly 9. I Just Want To Love You 10. You're For Me 11. I Ain't Giving Up Nothing 12. Ta Ta 13. I Need A Love Like Yours 14. Who's Worried Now 15. Harbour Lights 16. Love Is A Many Splendored Thing 17. You Belong To Me 18. These Foolish Things 19. Answer Me My Love  

LP3 - Clyde McPhatter
1. When Did You Leave Heaven 2. Put Your Arms Around Me, Honey 3. As Time Goes By 4. That's My Desire 5. Thinking Of You 6. What Will I Tell My Heart 7. Three Coins In The Fountain 8. How Many Times 9. For All You've Done 10. One More Chance 11. Let Me Shake Your Hand 12. Why Was I The One To Chose 13. High School Social 14. Everything's Gonna Be Alright 15. What's Love To Me 16. You're Moving Me 17. All About You 18. Not Me  

LP4 - Clyde McPhatter
1. I Wanna Be The Only One 2. Before I Fall In Love Again 3. I'll Stop Anything I'm Doing 4. Tomorrow Is Coming 5. What Went Wrong 6. Whole Heap Of Love 7. I'll Love You Till The Cows Come Home 8. Happiness 9. I Never Knew 10. How Do I Make My Dreams Come True 11. Friends 12. Same Time, Same Place 13. Honest I Do 14. What Am I Living For 15. Kansas City 16. Fever 17. The Clock 18. Your Second Choise 19. Blues Stay Away From Me 20. What'd I Say  

LP5 - Golden Blues Hits
1. Raining In My Heart 2. C.C. Rider 3. I'm Gonna Be A Wheel Someday 4. Honey Hush 5. The Bells 6. Hey Love 7. Without Love 8. White Christmas 9. The Name Of The Game Is Love 10. [You've Got Everything From] A To Z 11. Let's Stop 12. Can It Be Wrong 13. Up To My Ears In Tears 14. The Best Man Cried 15. Lover Please 16. Baby You Been Good 17. Let's Forget About The Past 18. Happy Good Times 19. Little Bitty Pretty One 20. Don't Let Go 21. Rockin' Robin

 LP6 - From One To One
1. Money Honey 2. Oh Lonesome Me 3. Everybody Loves A Winner 4. I'm Moving On 5. Pretty Girls Everywhere 6. Sixty Minute Man 7. Such A Night 8. Next To Me 9. Climb That Mountain Of Love 10. Maybe 11. I've Lost Again 12. Walking Back To Baltimore 13. I Do Believe 14. Just A Little Too Late 15. So Close To Being In Love 16. Lonely People Do Foolish Things 17. From One To One 18. Soul 19. Everybody's Got A Song But Me 20. I Found My Love 21. Crying Won't Help You Now 22. I Wanna Know  

LP7 - Songs Of The Big City
1. Deep In The Heart Of Harlem 2. My Block 3. A Suburban Town 4. Spanish Harlem 5. Three Rooms With Running Water 6. Up On The Roof 7. Second Window, Second Floor 8. Chinatown 9. Coney Island 10. The Shelter Of YAour Arms 11. In My Tenament 12. On Broadway 13. Deep In The Heart Of Harlem [undubbed]  

LP8 - Live At The Apollo
1. Baby Baby [Live] 2. Ta Ta [Live] 3. A Lovers Question [Live] 4. Hold My Hand [Live] 5. Second Window, Second Floor [Live] 6. Such A Night [Live] 7. Lucille [Live] 8. What Love To Me [Live] 9. Deep In The Heart Of Harlem [Live] 10. Mercy Mercy Mercy [Live] 11. Without Love [Live]

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  1. Thank you so very much for this post! I've been wanting this set for years... it went out of print so quickly back in the 1980s!

  2. Five years later, my external hard drive died. Is there any chance that you could re-upload these albums? Thank you.