zaterdag 18 oktober 2014

Cliff Richard - Hot Hundred

Disc 1
 1.The Young Ones 2.Move It 3.Do You Wanna Dance? 4.Travellin' Light 5.Fall In Love With You 6.A Voice In The Wilderness 7.Please Don't Tease 8.Dynamite 9.Willie And The Hand Jive 10.Blue Suede Shoes 11.Twenty Flight Rock 12.High Class Baby 13.Livin' Lovin' Doll 14.Mean Streak 15.My Feet Hit The Ground 16.Schoolboy Crush 17.Steady With You 18.Never Mind 19.Happy Birthday To You 20.Forty Days 21.Catch Me 22.How Wonderful To Know 23.Tough Enough 24.Fifty Years For Every Kiss 25.Too Much (Live)

 Disc 2
 1.Living Doll 2.I Love You 3.Theme For A Dream 4.Here Comes Summer 5.Blueberry Hill 6.We Say Yeah 7.Lessons In Love (Cliff Richard & Cast) 8.Temptation 9.Apron Strings 10.Don't Be Mad At Me 11.Where Is My Heart? 12.Thinking Of Our Love 13.D' In Love 14.Mumblin' Mosie 15.Now's The Time To Fall In Love 16.I Cannot Find A True Love 17.Got A Funny Feeling 18.Since I Lost You 19.The Shrine On The Second Floor 20.The Snake And The Bookworm 21.I Gotta Know 22.I'll String Along With You 23.Embraceable You 24.As Time Goes By 25.That'll Be The Day (Live)

 Disc 3
1.The Next Time 2.When The Girl In Your Arms Is The Girl In Your H… 3.I'm Looking Out The Window 4.It'll Be Me 5.Sentimental Journey 6.Spanish Harlem 7.Blue Moon 8.Falling In Love With Love 9.Pointed Toe Shoes 10.I'm Walkin' 11.I Don't Know Why (But I Do) 12.Little Things Mean A Lot 13.Somewhere Along The Way 14.That's My Desire 15.No Turning Back 16.Nothing's Impossible (Cliff Richard & Cast) 17.All For One (Cliff Richard & Cast) 18.Mad About You 19.When My Dreamboat Comes In 20.I'm On My Way 21.You Don't Know 22.Who Are We To Say 23.Mean Woman Blues 24.My Blue Heaven 25.Donna (Live)  

Disc 4
1.Bachelor Boy 2.Nine Times Out Of Ten 3.A Girl Like You 4.Gee Whiz It's You 5.What'd I Say 6.Unchained Melody 7.I'm Gonna Get You 8.You And I 9.Evergreen Tree 10.She's Gone 11.Left Out Again 12.You're Just The One To Do It 13.Lamp Of Love 14.Choppin' And Changin' 15.We Have It Made 16.I Love You So 17.I'm Willing To Learn 18.I Don't Know 19.Working After School 20.Poor Boy 21.Outsider 22.Tea For Two 23.Memories Linger On 24.What Do You Know We've Got A Show (Cliff Richard… 25.Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On (Live)

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