maandag 20 oktober 2014

Leona Williams - Yes Ma'm he found me in a Honky Tonk

CD 1001 A Woman's Man 002 Ten Minutes Till Heartaches 003 Broadminded 004 I Just Wanted You To Be Proud Of Me 005 I Narrowed This Triangle (Down To Two) 006 Papa's Medicine Show 007 I Want Some More Of This 008 Once More 009 If I'd Only Listened To Mama And Dad 010 This Ain't A Home No More 011 They'll Never Take His Love From Me 012 Just Because Of You 013 The Circle Of Friends 014 When I Stop Dreaming 015 Baby, We're Really In Love 016 Watch Her Go 017 Yes, Ma'm (He Found Me In A Honky Tonk) 018 Babe, Just For You 019 So Goes My World 020 Somewhere Inside 021 The Old Place Is Gone 022 Listen Spot 023 He's Just You Made Over 024 Country Girl With Hot Pants On 025 Country Music In My Soul 026 Since I'm Not With The One I Love (I'll Love The One I'm With) 027 The Boys And Lucy Brown 028 A Gentleman On My Mind 029 Tom Lucus 030 A Woman's Life Is More Than Just A Man 031 Happy Anniversary, Baby

  CD 2001 Out Of Hand 002 Ain't That Fine 003 How Great Thou Art 004 Cheese Cake And Apple Pie 005 Your Shoeshine Girl 006 I'm Not Supposed To Love You Anymore 007 I'd Rather Die (Loving Him) 008 I Can't Tell My Heart That 009 I Spent A Week There Last Night 010 Anything Goes (Til Everything's Gone) 011 It's Tearing This Ole Heart Right Out Of Me 012 Everybody Loves Me But You 013 A Lifetime To Forget 014 You Don't Love Me Like You Mean It 015 Just Like A Prayer 016 Hey I'm Somebody (Not Just A Body) 017 For All I Know 018 There's More Love In The Arms You'll Be Leavin' 019 Shape Up Or Ship Out 020 I Wonder Where I'll Find You At Tonight 021 If Anyone Ought To Know 022 I Want To Live Again 023 That Lonely Unloved Wife Look 024 Mama, I've Got To Go To Memphis 025 Window Up Above 026 Rockin' Rollin' Stoned 027 Bright Morning Light 028 The Bull And The Beaver 029 I'm Getting' High

  CD 3001 The Baby Song 002 Call Me Crazy Lady 003 Good Nights Make Good Mornings 004 He Took Care Of Me 005 Yes Ma'am 006 Any Port In A Storm 007 Red Boiling Springs, Tennessee 008 Touch And Go 009 I Can't Break The Habit 010 I Barely Am Getting By 011 Catching Crawfish 012 Aberdeen 013 Why Be A Dreamer 014 Midnight Blue 015 The Good Times Are Ready To Come 016 My Heart Has Finally Said Goodbye 017 Guitar Pickin' Song 018 You Put Out An Old Flame Last Night 019 We've Had Some Good Times 020 North Alabama 021 Too Close To Home 022 The Bridge That Got Me Over Him

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