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Gene Vincent - The Outttakes

Fans have Waited a Long Time for this Collection and this is the Closest Will Ever Get to Finding Six New CDs of Vincent in his Prime and Hearing Him in a Recording Session. These Outtakes Present Vincent's Artistry In-the-making. You're There, in the Control Room Listening to Him Try a Song One Way, Then Another. You Can Second-guess the Producers and Listen to the Musicians Talk it Through. If You Know Every Note of the Finished Song, You Can Hear How Gene and the Blue Caps Got There and Share in the Decisions Along the Way. There Are No More Gene Vincent Recordings to Be Released in Any Way, Shape, Or Form. The Sessions Date from October 1958 to March 1967. All Known Gene Vincent Outtakes Are Included with Only a Tiny Fraction of this Material Having Ever Been Issued Before.

Lonesome Boy(85/1-7)/You Are The One For Me(86/1-9)/
Beautiful Brown Eyes(95/1-15)/Rip It Up(96/1-11)/Maybelline(97/1-8)/
High Blood Pressure(98/1-9)/Who’s Pushing Your Swing(99/1-9)
Anna Annabelle(100/1-9)/Gone, Gone, Gone(101/1-10)/
I Might Have Known(102/1-10)/Important Words(103/1-12)/
Crazy Beat(153/1-8)/I’m Gonna Catch Me A Rat(154/1-12,14?,Tag1)/
It’s Been Nice (Goodnight)(155/1-5)
It’s Been Nice (Goodnight)(155/6-12)/
That’s The Trouble With Love(156/1-6/S,1-13/M)/
Good Lovin’(157/1-13/S,Tags1-4/S,1-13/M,Tags1-4/M)
Mister Loneliness(158/1-6/S, 158/1-5/M)/Teardrops(159/1-8/S,1-17/M)/
If You Want My Lovin’(160/1-4/S,1-14/M)
Spaceship To Mars(175/1-8/S)/
There I Go Again (Whoops I’m Dreaming)(176/1-7,9-11)/
Spaceship To Mars(175/27-30,32-34/M)/King Of Fools(181/1-6/S)/
You’re Still In My Heart(182/1-9/S)/Held For Questioning(183/1/S)/
Be-Bop-A-Lula ‘62(184/1/S)/Temptation Baby(197/a)/
Temptation Baby(198/1-3/S)/
Where Have You Been All My Life(199/1-5,7-12/S)/
The Beginning Of The End(200/1-3/S, 4-6/Binaural)
Bird Doggin’(233/1,2,3 intro,3 backing vocals overdub excerpt/M)/
Lonely Street(235/a,235/b/M)/Love Is A Bird(237/1-4/M,5?/S)/
Born To Be A Rolling Stone(238/1-5/S)/Hurtin’ For You Baby(239/4,6?/S)/
Hi Lili Hi Lo(240/1-5/S)/Poor man’s Prison(241/1-6/S)/
I’m A Lonesome Fugitive(242/1-3/S)

Gene Vincent 1.rar      Gene Vincent 1.rar      Gene Vincent 2.rar     Gene Vincent 3.rar
Gene Vincent 4.rar      Gene Vincent 5.rar      Gene Vincent 6.rar      Gene Vincent Covers.rar

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