maandag 28 juli 2014

Rarest Rockabilly Album In The World Ever Vol. 2

Disc 1: 
 Ersel Hickey - Going Down The Road The Roxters - So Long Mike Cushman - Me And My Guitar Curtis Gordon - Draggin' Rio Rockers - Mexicali Baby Larry Donn - Honey Bun Walter Brown - Jelly Roll Rock Gene Watson - My Rockin' Baby Bud Landon - Six Mile Climb Whitey Pullens - Walk My Way Back Home Paul Seipp - Little Gray Shack Chuck Higgins - Too Smart Jimmy Stewart & The Nighthawks - Rock On The Moon Ray Vernon - I'm Counting On You The Rhythm Rockers - Thinkin' Bout You Jimmy Patton - Love Come Back To Me Don Feger - Don't Be Mad Jimmie Piper - Don't Play Around With My Heart Hollis Champion - Long Gone Lonesome Blues Tyrone Schmidling - You're Gone But I'm Left Rex Ellis - Bop Hop Jamboree Cliff Blakely - I Want To Be With You Willie Ward - I'm A Madman Bill Lawrence With The Coins - Hey Baby Jimmy Wages - Heartbreakin' Love  

Disc 2:
Skeets Mcdonald - You Oughta See Grandma Rock Deacon & The Rock N Rollers - Rockin' On The Moon Fat Daddy Holmes - Chicken Rock Stoltz Brothers - Rock 'n' Roll Riot Frank Triolo - Ice Cream Baby Curtis Gordon - Sitting On Top Of The World Larry Terry - Hep Cat Hal Payne - Honky Tonk Stomp Jerry Arnold - High Classed Baby Rod Willis - The Cat Jim Murphy & The Accents - I'm Gone Mama Don Wade - Oh Love Al Urban - Gonna Be Better Times Paul Wheatley - I'm Not Movin' The Chavis Brothers - Love Me Baby Tom James - Track Down Baby Pat Cupp - Do Me No Wrong Billy Pragar - Do It Bop Jesse Stevens - Mama Mama Gene Watson - Drummer Boy Rock Jimmy Ford - Don't Hang Around Me Anymore Sonny Cole - I Dreamed I Was Elvis Tommy Bell - Swamp Girl Joe Clay - Slipping Out and Sneaking In Joey Michaels - Sixteen Cats

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VA - Rarest Rockabilly Album In The World Ever CD 2.rar

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