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The D Singles Collection Vol. 5

Medium 1
001 My Empty Arms WAYNE, Tex 002 Where The Honky Tonk Fiddles Play 003 Parrott Song GARLFLUNKEY, Hershal 004 Bad Luck 005 Resting Place HALE, Billy Jack 006 Black Widow 007 Load Dem Wagons NORRIS, Carlton 008 Go South Little Man 009 I'll Win Again DEAN, Al 010 One Heartache From The Blues 011 World's Apart MARTIN, Jimmie 012 Signifyin' Monkey 013 It's Hard To Tell An Old Love Goodbye NOACK, Eddie 014 Love's Other Face 015 Rose Blossom Waltz KUCERA, Ernie 016 Lost Love Polka 017 Oh-Meon CHOATES, Harry 018 Big Woods 019 Those Pretty Words SELF, George 020 Forever You'll Be Mine 021 The Guy You Used To Be CORNISH, Joyce 022 My World Slows Down 023 Chained To A Love EDGE, Dave 024 Tears That I Wasted 025 Maybe Next Christmas JONES, George 026 New Baby For Christmas 027 Dark As The Night PARKER, Billy 028 Out Of Your Heart 029 The Same Old Mistakes NOACK, Eddie 030 You've Got A Woman

Medium 2
001 How Lonesome Can I Get HADDOCK, Durwood 002 Start All Over 003 Lonesome Trains DOLLAR, Johnny 004 West Texas 005 The Sun Turned Blue NEWMAN, Jack 006 Make Me A Member 007 Tied To The Bottle LINDSAY, Merl 008 She's The One For Me 009 Crazy Dreams EANES, Jim 010 Your Troubles Are Mine 011 Across The Table 012 Tonight I'll Celebrate STAFFORD, Lynn 013 My Past Is A Chain 014 Unexpected Heartaches PARKER, Billy 015 Almost Gone 016 I Finally Broke The Spell COOPER, George 017 The Ways Of Life 018 Just For The Thrill JERICHO, Jerry 019 Tears Fall Again 020 Those Places HASKINS, Curtis 021 You're Making Believe 022 Your Jealous Heart FIELDS, Bobby 023 I've Lost Everything 024 Worn Out Words WESTERN, Billy 025 His And Hers 026 You Gotta Hurry GRESSETT, Al 027 Do You Realize 028 The Farmer's Wife WORD, Margie 029 Honky Tonk Love 030 The Shadow GRISHAM, Doyle 031 I Can't Change Overnight

Medium 3
001 We'll Bury You RED RIVER DAVE 002 Moon Over The Wall (In East Berlin) 003 How I Wish I Was Him KINNER, Booth 004 Aisle Of I Do 005 My Blue Room WESTERN, Billy 006 Say When (You Want Me To Leave) 007 Might As Well Stick With You ROBY, Hank 008 Wasted Love 009 I'm So Ashamed NELMS, Johnny 010 The Sulphur Queen 011 Blue Tomorrow 012 Angel With A Ponytail WAYNE, Tex 013 Standing At The Crossroads 014 Walking Right Out Of My Mind KINNER, Booth 015 I've Got A Feeling 016 I've Been Wrong Before BETTY & WALT RIDDLE 017 Don't Back Out Now 018 Daddy's Baby NEWMAN, Jack 019 Ship For Lonely Men 020 Home's Not Where My House Is WESTERN, Billy 021 Love Enough BILLY WESTERN & JEANNE DAVIS 022 Anna Anna ROBY, Hank 023 Let's Pretend 024 Broken Love Affair DANNY & AUDREY HARRISON 025 Have I Wasted My Life 026 I Know DRY, Jimmy 027 Incidentally 028 She's Lying Again WAYNE, Tex 029 My Party's Over

Medium 4
001 Searching For Someone To Love TRUITT FORSE & JERRY LYNN 002 Fool You Fool 003 Tic-Tac-Toe FRAN, Mary 004 I'm Tired Of Waiting 005 Who's This Lonely Fool JACKSON, Joe 006 Rock My Warriors Rock 007 Your Time For Tears GILBERT, Don 008 With Open Arms 009 The Lord's Masterpiece DANNY & AUDREY HARRISON 010 He Heard My Cry 011 My Face Is Red LEE, Bonny 012 No Condition For Love 013 Don't Look Back ELY, Dwayne 014 It's Your Turn To Cry 015 Your Past Life EIDSON, Bill 016 Worst Heartache 017 Big Clown A Crying FRYMIRE, Fay 018 Blue Side Of Heaven 019 Never Too Late DRY, Jimmy 020 Who's This Lonely Fool 021 Footsteps Of A Fool STARR, Jack 022 And Then I Knew 023 I Just Lost My Favorite Girl ADAMS, Don 024 You Introduced Me To The Blues 025 Heartaches Deep In Sorrow 026 The Brush Off PETERSON, Milta 027 Forgiving You Again 028 Face In The Crowd STARK, Stoney 029 Your Conscience Will Hurt 030 Beware Of Her You Fool HARRISON, Danny 031 Hush Little Baby

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