dinsdag 4 november 2014

Bop Girl Goes Callypso

A psychologist using "sophisticated" testing equipment tries to prove his theory that rock 'n' roll has reached its peak and that calypso will be the next big fad to cause mass hysteria! Two great R&B, Doo Wop songs from black vocal group, The Titans! Also, the Mary Kaye Trio, the Goofers (amazing!), the Lord Flea Calypsonians, and the Cubanos. Also rock and roll singer Judy Harriet performs "Hard Rock Candy Baby." Look for Buddy Rich in an uncredited role playing drums behind all the musical acts. Judy Tyler, Nino Tempo (blowin' a wild and rockin' sax!), Bobby Troup (he penned "Route 66" theme), Margo Woode, Lucien Littlefield, George O'Hanlon, Judy Harriet. Bop Girl Goes Calypso! Note: In 1958-59 Judy Harriet released four 45 rpm singles on the Surf label. She also co-wrote the song "I Promise You" with Bruce Johnston (who later joined the Beach Boys) which was featured in the film, "The Ghost of Dragstrip Hollow."

Bop Girl 1957.part1.rar           Bop Girl 1957.part2.rar           Bop Girl 1957.part3.rar         
Bop Girl 1957.part4.rar           Bop Girl 1957.part5.rar           Bop Girl 1957.part6.rar

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