zaterdag 5 april 2014

Tip Top Teeny Vol 03

1. Hank Price III/Angel In My Arms
2. Tino & Revlons/Wedding Bells Will Ring
3. Don Dell/Make Believe Love
4. Karl Hammel, Jr./Drop Me a Line
5. Rudy & Vince/Let's Carve Our Initials
6. Grady Sneed/Skippin' School
7. Harrison J. Freese, Jr./I Hope It's Soon
8. Cosmo/Sweetheart Please Don't Go
9. Terry Dunavan/I Know
10. Charlie Blackwell/Kath-a-leen
11. Ronnie Dio/Love Pains
12. Buzz Clifford/More Dead Than Alive
13. Hank Price III/How Will It End
14. Bill Phillips/Walk With Me Baby
15. Mark Taylor/I'm Waiting Just For You
16. Ray Lynn/Forbidden
17. Ronnie Dawson/My Big Desire
18. Reflections/In the Still of the Night
19. Johnny Macrae/Such a Fool
20. David Houston/Livin' In a House Full of Love
21. Billy Joe Royal/Never In a Hundred Years
22. David Hayes/Meet Me Here
23. Dave Curtis/Sweet Little Lassie
24. Terry Dunavan/My Darling
25. Frankie Knight/Unchained Melody
26. Hank Price III/Three Little Lies
27. Danny Brikta/Sweet Little Angel
28. Bill Haney/You Don't Care About Me

Tip Top Teeny Vol 03.rar

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