zaterdag 5 april 2014

Tip Top Teeny Vol 02

1. Tommy Brocks/Big Love
2. Ray Ruff/My Gift To You
3. Frank Gorshin/That's the Trouble With Life
4. Gene Evans/Doin' It Right
5. Billy Sills/Bom Didi Bom
6. Gene Ross/True Love
7. Mike Brassard/I'm the Biggest Fool Around
8. Frankie Lee/Say
9. Dennis Turner/Someone To Love Me
10. Ricky Dean/Little Girl
11. Phillips Dee/Girl I Left Behind
12. Doug Lycett/One of the Lonely
13. Denny Marcus/I'll Take Good Care of Her
14. Harry Charles/I'll Be There
15. Billy Saint/Tear Down the Wall
16. Tomy Sena/Onions
17. Ronnie Murray/I Always Will
18. Marty Gino/I Was It
19. Jackie Randell/Will You Still Be My Girl
20. Cajuns/Big Daddy of the Bayou
21. Bob Moline/Hid and Seek
22. Terry Scott/Love Only Me
23. Bob Bristol/Humpty Dumpty
24. Lee Estes/You and Johnny Smith
25. Lani Kai/I'm Gonna Leave My Heart At Home
26. Tony & Del-Fi's/Going To Miami
27. Bob Moline/Hey Girl
28. Jay Fanning/Won't You Be My Sweetheart

Tip Top Teeny Vol 02.rar

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