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Jimmie Davis - Nobody's Darlin' But Mine 1928-1937

Disc: 11. The Barroom Message 2. The Baby's Lullaby 3. Out Of Town Blues 4. Home Town Blues 5. Settling Down For Life 6. My Dixie Sweetheart 7. You're The Picture Of Your Mother 8. Doggone That Train 9. My Louisiana Girl 10. Cowboy's Home Sweet Home 11. She's A Hum-Dum Dinger 12. Before You Say Farewell 13. Where The Old Red River Flows 14. Penitentiary Blues 15. Arabella Blues 16. In Arkansas 17. Lonely Hobo 18. I'll Be Happy Today 19. A Woman's Blues 20. Bear Cat Mama From Horner' Corner 21. My Arkansas Sweetheart 22. Ramona 23. You'd Rather Forget Than Forgive 24. Think Of Me Thinking Of You 25. Way Out On the Mountain

  Disc: 21. Hobo's Warning 2. Wild And Reckless Hobo 3. The Davis Limited 4. She Left A Runnin' Like A Sewing Machine 5. Down At The Old Country Church 6. She's A Hum-Din Dinger-Part 2 (From Dingersville) 7. Market House Blues 8. Get On Board, Aunt Susan 9. Midnight Blues 10. There's Evil In Ye Children, Gather 'Round 11. Pea Pickin' Papa 12. I'll Get Mine Bye And Bye 13. Barnyard Stomp 14. I Wonder (If She Is Blue) 15. 1982 Blues (Davis' Last Day Blues) 16. High Behind Blues 17. Saturday Night Stroll 18. Sewing Machine Blues 19. Red Nightgown Blues 20. Davis' Salty Dog 21. You Can't Tell About The Women Nowadays 22. The Shotgun Wedding 23. Hold 'Er, Newt 24. Yo Yo Mama

  Disc: 31. Tom Cat And Pussy Blues 2. Organ-Grinder Blues 3. Rockin' Blues 4. Wampus Kitty Mama 5. Bury Me In Old Kentucky 6. Jealous Lover 7. Gambler's Return 8. Home In Caroline 9. It's All Coming Home To You 10. I Wonder If She's Blue 11. When It's Round-Up Time In Heaven 12. Would You 13. You've Been Tom Cattin' Around 14. Alimony Blues 15. The Keyhole In The Door 16. Beautiful Texas 17. Triflin' Mama Blues 18. I Want Her Tailor-Made 19. Alimony Blues 20. There Ain't Gonna Be No Afterwhile 21. Easy Rider Blues 22. Nobody's Darlin' But Mine 23. When It's Round-Up Time In Heaven 24. Good Time Papa Blues 25. Shirt Tail Blues

  Disc: 41. It's Been Years (Since I've Seen My Mother) 2. Beautiful Mary 3. My Brown Eyed Texas Rose 4. Moonlight And Skies (No. 2) 5. Jellyroll Blues 6. Graveyard Blues 7. Are You Tired Of Me Darling? 8. Red River Blues 9. The Answer To 'Nobody's Darling But Mine' 10. In My Cabin Tonight 11. When A Boy From The Mountains (Weds A Girl From The Valley) 12. Come On Over To My House (Ain't Nobody Home But Me) 13. Don't Say Goodbye If You Love Me 14. I Wish I Had Never Seen Sunshine 15. High Geared Mama 16. Bed Bug Blues 17. I Ain't Gonna Let Ol' Satan Turn Me 'Round 18. 'Twill Be Sweet When We Meet 19. My Blue Bonnet Girl 20. Ridin' Down The Arizona Trail 21. Mama's Getting Hot And Papa's Getting Cold 22. When It's Peach Pickin' Time In Georgia 23. Come On Over To My House (Ain't Nobody Home But Me)

  Disc: 51. That's Why I'm Nobody's Darling 2. Do You Ever Think Of Me? 3. Prairie Of Love 4. Sweet Lorene 5. Just Forgive And Forget 6. Pal Of Long Ago 7. If I Ever Cry You'll Never Know 8. Sweetheart Of West Texas 9. Ten Tiny Toes 10. I Wonder Where Yor Are 11. In The West Where Life Is Free 12. You'll Be Comin' Back Some Day 13. Hard Hearted Mama 14. Jimmie's Travelin' Blues 15. I Wonder Who's Kissing Her Now 16. Pi-Rootin' Around 17. High Geared Daddy 18. Honky Tonk Blues 19. Nobody's Darling But Mine 20. One, Two, Three, Four 21. Have You Ever Been In Heaven? 22. The Greatest Mistake In My Life 23. (Sweetheart) Please Be True To Me 24. By The Grave Of Nobody's Darling (My Darling's Promise) 25. Shackles And Chains 26. Call Me Back Pal O'Mine 27. Just A Girl The Men Forget

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