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The Beatles - Artifacts III

DISC 1 -- NOT FADE AWAY 1969-1971Cold Turkey ('69 demo) Give Peace a Chance ('69 demo) Only You Know and I Know (George live with Delaney and Bonnie and I assume Eric) Instant Karma (BBC-TV) Sentimental Journey (promo film) Every Time Somebody Comes to Town I'd Have You Anytime If Not For You (Dylan-George recording session. Last track taken from Dylan's "Bootleg Series" box.) God Well Well Well My Mummy's Dead (Summer '70 demos) Happy Birthday John (private tape by Ringo for John's 30th) I'm the Greatest (fall 1970 demo) Oh Woman Oh Why (alt. mono promo single) God Save Us (demo) Imagine I Don't Want To Be A Solder How Do You Sleep? (early takes) McCartney interview/"Lucille" (first Wings rehearsal) Tragedy (unreleased Macca) Rave On/Not Fade Away (John and Yoko from "Clock" soundtrack) John's 31st Birthday (drunken jam session) Happy Xmas (War Is Over) (alt. mix) Luck of the Irish (demo) Two-Faced Man (George and Gary Wright on "The David Frost Show") Attica State (Ann Arbor Dec. 10, 1971)

DISK 2 SUE ME SUE YOU 1972-1975
Johnny B. Goode (John and Yoko on "Mike Douglas Show") Don't Be Cruel Hound Dog (John and Yoko rehearsals with Elephant's Memory) 1882 (Wings live in Rotterdam 1972) Mother (One to One evening show) Sue Me Sue You Blues (demo) Miss O'Dell (acetate, laughter missing) Maybe I'm Amazed ("James Paul McCartney" special) Six O'Clock (alt. version) Make Love Not War (John demo) Lucille ("Toot and a Snore" sessions) Venus and Mars (alt. mix) Hey Diddle (Paul June '74, Nashville) Only You (John? demo for Ringo) Move Over Ms. L (outtake) One Hand Clapping (title song from film) I Lost My Little Girl (Paul's piano tape) Dark Horse (demo) I Saw Her Standing There (rehearsal with Elton John) My Carnival (early version) No No Song (Ringo duet with Smothers Brothers) Hi Hi Hi (1975 Melbourne) The Pirate Song (BBC TV)

DISK 3 -- AS TIME GOES BY 1976-1980
As Time Goes By Mucho Mungo (John demos) I'm Gonna Love You Too (Paul brief run through) I'm Gonna Love You Too (from Denny's "Holly Days" album) Rock Island Line Bye Bye Love (George and Paul Simon from SNL) Boil Crisis (Paul) I Love My Suit Simple Life (Ringo commercials) Scouse the Mouse (Ringo) You're 16 ("Ringo" TV special) Spin It On Old Siam Sir Robber's Ball ("Back to the Egg" outs) New of the Day (John Dylan parody) Flying Hour (George unreleased song) Mr. H. Atom Summer Day's Song ("McCartney II' outs) Tears of the World (George unreleased) Flying Horses We All Stand Together ("Rupert the Bear" soundtrack songs) My Life (early version of "Starting Over") With a Little Help From My Friends (John and Sean at the Dakota) Beautiful Boy Watching the Wheels (demos) I'm Losing You (John and Cheap Trick) Serve Yourself (John) Dear John (supposedly last song John wrote)

DISK 4: FREE AS A BIRD 1981-1994
My Old Friends (Carl Perkins and Paul...great song!) For No One (from "Broad Street" movie) Twice in a Lifetime (Paul soundtrack music) On the Wings of a Nightengale (Paul demo for Everlys) Abandoned Love (George) Yvonne Hanglide (Paul "Press to Play" outs) Nonsense (Ringo from "Alice in Wonderland", written by Steve Allen!) Everybody's Trying to Be My Baby Honey Don't (George and Ringo from Carl Perkins TV special) Love Is Strange (Paul live at Cactus Club, summer '86) Hottest Gong in Town (George from "Shanghai Surprise") Peggy Sue (George at Palomino Club with Taj Mahal) Cut Across Shorty (Paul from "Choba CCCP" sessions) Every Grain of Sand (George from "Rockline") End of the Line (Wilburys outtake) Put It There (German TV) Get Back (Ringo and Bruce Springsteen live in NJ 1989) I Call Your Name (Ringo at John tribute with Tom Petty, Joe Walsh, J.Lynne) Lennon Medley (Paul live in Liverpool 1990) Maxine (Wilburys outtake from second album sung by George) Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea (George from BBC interview) Payment (Paul from soundtrack to "Dammier's Law.") Ride Rajbun (George from "Bunburys" album with Dhani and Ravi Shankar) Free as a Bird (John's ORIGINAL demo, not anthology version as date of disc implies!)

Artifacts III CD 1.rar                      Artifacts III CD 2.rar                                                                        Artifacts III CD 3.rar                     Artifacts III CD 4.rar

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