dinsdag 13 mei 2014

Hideaway Heaven Vol 5

Watch Me Walk Away - PJ Proby
Tiny Little Ants - David Thorne
Call Me A Fool - Norma Jean
Don't Come Cryin - Frontiers
It's Not As Easy - Ty Whitney
But Only In Name - Paul DeCain
No Power in the Universe - Tony Roma
The Other Half of Man - Robert Knight
Two Loves - Bobby Kalina
All the World Loves A Lover - Bertell Dache
Memory Lane - Del Price
I Don't Know - Florraine Darlin
Land of Love - John Price
Tell Me Your Mine - Visions
Priscilla - Kevin Young
I Didn't Lie - Lanny Duncan
Invisible - Lenny Miles
My Heart Comes Running Back To You - Nick Noble
Hard Luck Story - Ott Stephens
Like the Feller and the Girl on the Late Late Show - Randy Lee
Rags to Riches - Russ Damon
Boy Child - Sonny Martin
I'm Sittin At Home - Frankie Sardo
Devil in Disguise - Stan Mitchell
I Still Love You - Wayne Newton
Sweet Enough - Jerry Mason
Payday Someday - Steve Tyrell
Going Back To Mary - Steve Alaimo
Secret World of Tears - Visions
Every Little Move You Make - Del Richardson
The World Without You - Mitchell Keyes
I Was Only Kidding - Molly Bee
Miracles - Pookie Hudson
Daddy Knows Best - Carlo Gerace

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