woensdag 7 mei 2014

Clovis Rocks

1. Quite A Party (The Fireballs)
2. Down The Line (Bobby Vee
3. Ooby Dooby (The Teen Kings with Roy Orbison)
4. My Little Girl (The Crickets)
5. Rock-Ola Ruby (Sonny West)
6. Bulldog (The Fireballs)
7. Rock Around With Ollie Vee (the Crickets with Sonny Curtis)
8. Rave On (Mike Berry and The Outlaws)
9. Sugartime (Charlie Phillips)
10. Wheels (The String A Longs)
11. Racker Tacker (The Teen Kings with Roy Orbison)
12. Cruise In It (The Crickets with JI Allison)
13. Honey Honey (Gary Tollett with The Crickets)
14. Guitar Hop (Larry Welborn)
15. Rock Me My Baby (The Roses)
16. Stay Close To Me (Mike Berry and The Outlaws)
17. It's So Easy (Tommy Allsup)
18. What To Do/Crying Waiting Hoping/Learning The Game (Bobby Vee and The Crickets)
19. Twist watch (The String A Longs)
20. I Saw The Moon Cry Last Night (Jack Neal with Buddy Holly)
21. Blue Days Black Nights (Ben Hall)
22. Sweet Sweet Day (David Box)
23. Chantilly Lace (Big Bopper Jr)
24. La Bamba(Ray Anthony)
25. Hey Buddy (John Mueller)
26. Interview with Dick Clark October 28th 1958 (The Crickets)

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