dinsdag 5 augustus 2014

Raw Meat Vol 2 Stoney Mountain Bop

Country boys gone rockin' but still with a strong hillbilly feel.

Side One
Avery & Country Boys "Grandpa's Twist" Leon & Carlos "Rock Everybody" Leon & Carlos "Rock Run Blues" Warren Robbe "My Chicken Pen" Chandos McRill & Excellons "Poor Me"

Side Two
Hodges Brothers "I'm Gonna Rock Some Too" Bob Varney & Stoney Mt. Playboys "Stoney Mt. Boogie" Bill Willis & Goldie Norris "Goin' Down To Sal's House" Arvel Lewis "Pine Mountain Boogie" Wayne Satkamp & Five Aces "Barber Hair Blues"

Raw Meat Vol 2.rar

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