maandag 14 april 2014

Wild One - The Cameo-Parkway Story

CD 1
1. Long Tall Sally-The Rocky Fellers 2. Don't Mess Up My Hair-M.Miller, J.Casey & The Star Mountain Boys 3. I'm Countin' On You-Ray Vernon 4. Farmer John-Carl & The Commanders 5. Butterfly-Charlie Gracie 6. Bristol Stomp-The Dovells 7. Mashed Potato Time-Dee Dee Sharp 8. Kissin Time-Bobby Rydell 9. Mexican Hat Rock-The Applejacks 10. Birds 'n' Bees-The Temptations 11. Silhouettes-The Rays 12. The Popeye Waddle-Don Covay 13. Don't Break My Heart-The Dream Girls 14. The Sneak-George Young & The Rockin' Bocs 15. Fabulous-Charlie Gracie 16. Race for Time-Jerry Arnold & The Rhythm Captains 17. Flame of Love-Rick & The Masters 18. Dinner With Drac'-John Zacherie 19. The Twist-Chubby Checker 20. I'll Be True-The Orlons 21. I Missed Her-The Philadelphians22. So What-Ray Rush 23. Three Coins In the Fountains-The Skyliners 24. So Much to Remember-Wayne Handy 25. Little White Diamonds-Dina Raye

CD 2
1. Wild One-Bobby Rydell 2. Don't Hang Up-The Orlons 3. Do The New Continental-The Dovells 4. Wanderin' Eyes-Charlie Gracie 5. Daddy Cool-The Rays 6. Maybe Tomorrow-Paul Hampton 7. Bad Motorcycle-Storey Sisters 8. 'Jess' One Mo' Time-'Madman' Jones 9. Set My Heart At Ease-Donnie Elbert 10. Rocka-Conga-The Applejacks 11. When You Dance-The Turbans 12. The Hucklebuck-Chubby Checker 13. Evil Angel-Ray Vernon 14. Gravy (For My Mashed Potatoes)-Dee Dee Sharp 15. Turn Out the Lights-Pookie Hudson & The Spaniels 16. I'm The Girl From Wolverton Mountain-Jo Ann Campbell 17. Cool Baby-Charlie Gracie 18. Forget My Past-Denny Mela 19. Two Weeks With Pay-Georgie Young and the Rockin' Bocs 20. Over The Weekend-The Playboys 21. The Vow-The Philadelphians 22. The Mountains-The Sequins 23. Shake a Hand-The Mike Pedicin Quintet 24. Sunday Kind Of Love-The Roomates 25. You Were Made T'Love-Four Of A Kind

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 The Cameo-Parkway Story CD2.rar

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