dinsdag 8 april 2014

Teen Rockin' Fever - A Hot Teen Scene Vol.2

Southern Belle - Nicky Zann
Oh Baby Mine - Chuck Johnson & Jaycees
Blessing Of Our Love - Lynn & Jerry
Fifteen Down the Line - Tommy Sawyer & Twains
Walking Home - Jerry Palmer & Jordanaires
Everybody Wants To Know - Gary Faulkner & Hightowers
Twist the Blues Away - Yvan Daniel
Closer To Me - Vance Charles & Sonics
All the Time - Johnny Janis
18 Nickels and A Rusty Dime - Billy Ledbetter
Sitting On Top of the World - Barry & Planets
Todays Teardrops - Col Joye
Are You Anyones Girl - Sam Harkness
Good Good - Rondells & Ned Jr
I Want To Do It - Gary Glenn & Jeweltones
Lonely Fool - Freddie Boswell
Someday - Larry Lee & Leesures
Call In the Sheriff - Jimmy Gilmer
Seven Day Love Week - Linc Bouv
Muscle Bustle - Donna Loren
The Little Club - Dennis Joel
Some Got It - Eddie V Deane
A Little Like Lovin You - Jimmy Griffin
Life Is Like the River - Jack Bailey
Romancin Barbara - Preston Carnes
Little Lover - Dean Beard
Come Be My Baby - Stan Hardin
Gotta Have Love - Jimmy Darren
Sweet Thing - Lindy Curtis
Little Nicodemus - Freddie Beach

Teen Rockin' Fever - A Hot Teen Scene Vol.2.rar

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