maandag 14 april 2014

Soda Pop Babies - Vol.3

Cry Baby - Lady Jane And Verifty Who Does He Think He Is - Penny Dancin Place - Betty Barnes Please Let Me Know - Gayle Ann Souvenirs - Barbara Evans Lopsided Love Affair - Linda Scott Hands Off ! He's Mine - Jamie Horton Teaser - Varetta Dillard I Might As Well Live Up To My Name - Mimi Roman There Goes The Lucky One - Jackie Lee & The Raindrops If You Pass Me By - Charlene Knight I Believ In You - Betty Turner Good Bye - Patty McCoy Little Boy - Bridgit She's Got You - Maria Mae & The Peptones Excatly Like You - Rita Moss I Saw You - Carole Slade My Little Johnny - Susan Summers Give Me A Break - Jodie Sands About A Quarter To Nine - Debby Woods Baby Baby - The Velveteens Take It Easy - Gayle Ann Too Young to Date - The Delicates Mommy And Daddy Were Twistin' - Susan Summers Hands Off - Donna Loren A Meeting Of The Eyes - Sunny Gayle On Bended Knee - Susan Lewis Don't You Know - Doris Webb Soupin Up Your Motor - Linda Laurie Alway Remember - Margie Bowes

Soda Pop Babies - Vol.3.rar

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