woensdag 16 april 2014

Hazy Memories Volume 5

Davy Jones - Dream Girl
Johnny Rebb - Think Me a Kiss
The Allen Brothers - Pretty Keen Teen
The Delltones - Wonder
Tony Brady - Penny For Your Thoughts
Frankie Davidson - Have You Ever Been to See Kings Cross?
Sonny James - Kathaleen
The Allen Brothers - Bells, Bells, Bells
Dave Bridge - Trail Blazer
Patsy Ann Noble - Don't Ever Change Your Mind
Tsai Chin - The Ding Dong Song
Ray Peterson - Oh No!
Glenn Yarbrough - Baby the Rain Must Fall
Diana Trask - Our Language of Love
The LeGarde Twins - Where Can the Lovelight Be
Warren Williams - A Star Fell From Heaven
Tony Brady - A Promise of Things to Come
Julie Rogers - In My Room
Lucky Starr - The Three Trees
Burl Ives - Mary Ann Regrets
Jerry Wallace - On a Merry Go Round
Jimmie Rodgers - The Wreck of the John B
Ray Peterson - You Thrill Me
The Reflections - (Just Like) Romeo & Juliet
Andy Rose - A Rose and a Thorn
Mr Acker Bilk - The Harem
Skeeter Davis - I Can't Stay Mad at You
The Allen Brothers - No Hesitation
Lorne Greene - Ringo
The Delltones - You're the Limit
Warren Williams - Girls Were Made to Love and Kiss


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